PSPO I - Scrum Product Owner


The course will take into account all competencies of Scrum, highlighting those of particular importance to the PSPO I exam, however it will introduce all aspects as it is important for Product Owners to have a good grounding in all aspects of scrum.

The Scrum recommendation to complete the PSPO I exam is to ensure you know

  • The Scrum Guide
  • The Nexus Guide
  • The key competencies that are recommended for Product Owners

Particular attention should be paid to the exact wording used as often in the exam, questions may appear confusing or unfamiliar but knowing some of the key terminology (highlighted here) will greatly help with selecting the correct answer.

The structure of each section will introduce the area, look at what the Scrum guide adds to the topic and then look at what the Nexus guide adds to each topic. There will also be a short Quiz available for each section and it is recommended to complete as you are moving through and re-reading material where you struggle with a topic. Often times students will have one or two areas where they struggle with in the PSPO I exam so it is important if you have any weaker areas to focus on them and perhaps look into the additional reading for more varied and detailed explanations of the topics, this is also recommended for students that will eventually be pursuing the PSPO II and further Scrum qualifications.

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